Autumn in VÄXJÖ

Autumn color hike

This wintersemester I had been on exchange in VÄXJÖ  which is the very heart of southern Sweden. The Autumn is a time when nature and events show their blazing colours. In Växjö you are always close to nature and thats why we students often took the opportunity to take a walk around the lakes and relax a bit. One day some students, including me, participated in an ‘autumn color hike’ which was awesome. 🙂 I had so much fun…

Sweden; Växjö 2015
Sweden; Växjö 2015 (Södra Bergundasjön)

Summer ended and autumn was here. The days got shorter and shorter and the trees knew that they have to get ready for winter. 😉 Don’t we all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves..


We spend the whole afternoon hiking. After some hours we were already exhausted and  prepared everything for a marshmallow barbecue… yummy …

Sweden; Växjö 2015
Sweden; Växjö 2015

One of the best thing was that my best friend came to Sweden to visit me and we could do the hike and so much more stuff together. 😀 It’s always more fun when you are surrounded by the people you love. ❤


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You could explore so much small beautiful things.. even the boats looked amazing .. and there were planty of them.. there are many things in life that can catch your eye… live as if everything is a miracle..

Sweden; Växjö 2015 (Södra Bergundasjön)
Sweden; Växjö 2015 (Södra Bergundasjön)
Sweden; Växjö 2015 (Södra Bergundasjön)

This is Växjö – when the golden shimmer of autumn lies over the town.



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