Hello everyone! Here a short upgrade of what Make-up product I use..

I am using Vichy  already since 5 years and I have to say that I’m really satisfied with it. I tried between always to use some other Make-up products because Vichy is not the cheapest one to use. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a better one than Vichy. After some weeks using other Make-up products like Maybelline, Manhattan, L’Oreal and some more, some parts on my skin always dried out fast, especially under the nose and on the chin. 😦 Afterwards it’s always difficult to get your skin on track again, so I decided since half a year to keep using Vichy because my skin harmonizes pretty well with it. I tried out different Vichy products like the TEINT IDEAL fluid Make-Up foundation and the TEINT IDEAL Crème Make-Up foundation but now I’m using DERMABLEND Corrective Foundation Make-up. All of them are good; it depends what kind of type you are and which look you like more. DERMABLEND Corrective Foundation Make-up covers everything and you can be sure that it will stay up to several hours. It is thicker than other Make-up products so I would suggest taking smaller amounts than usual. I would recommend it especially for people who have blemished skin. For those who have a clear complexion TEINT IDEAL fluid Make-Up foundation would be more than enough. The nuance I’m using is Opal 15 which is the lightest one. Also available online in some countries: TOP product! 😀

Hope you had some positive experiences with Vichy too ! :*



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  1. Bilja says:

    Hello anita,
    Loved your post! I also adore all kind of make up products from vichy. They are so called pharmacy make up products, so they hold what they promise, I guess (especially when you look at their price). Have you ever tried the MAC make up line? I use their products for about 4 years and I love it. They offer all kind of various products for different skin types. What I love most is the MAC fix plus to finish my look. Maybe you’ll give it a try. 🙂



    1. anitazulkic says:

      Thank you for your advice! I wanted already to try it out once.. After that positive feedback I guess I have to give them a chance now 😀 thx! xoxo


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