coffeebreak #1

While you’re reading this you either have a cup of coffee or tea while sitting in front of your desk OR planning to do so in the next hour. I’m a coffee lover and while I’m drinking my coffee many thoughts cross my mind that I preferable would like to write down. That is what I’m going to do here on my blog … my #coffeebreak posts ☕️ 😍

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“with enough coffee anything is possible”

Stay focused in year 2016

As my younger brother had to study more than usually the past weeks, he had difficulties to concentrate fully on his studies. I tried to help him and showed him what I’m usually doing for concentrating and more efficient studying. 🙂 Here are my top 3 suggestions:

  1. Drink 

Ahmm… NO! not that kind of drinking! 😀 I love coffee as you can see .. but it doesn’t need to be coffee… anything you like to drink might help you to focus on your work and NO I don’t mean caffeine that may push you to be more efficient. Before I start with my work I always make coffee or tea and place them right next to me. It might sound weird but the fact that I have the drink next to me is a motivation factor for me to start easily. It is somehow a sign that lets me know ‘and now you have to focus’. Gently drinking next to my work calms me down and let me feel more relaxed. ☕️

  1. Take a time out

Taking a short walk or taking naps help your brain to revise what you’ve learned. I am a big fan of naps. Naps are like medicine for me. Doesn’t matter if I’m exhausted, stressed, sad, angry or somehow involved in an emotional way, I always take a nap and afterwards I feel like I’m new born. 😎  I guess many of you already know that but I think it’s always worth mentioning it. 😀 As I am too lazy to take short walks, I usually open the windows for like 2-5 minutes and take a brake. At the beginning even my brother laughed at me because he didn’t believe me at all but then when he tried it out many times he told me that I was right . 😀 Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you give yourself some time to recover from your work and studies. We are just humans. 😉

  1. Listen to music

I don’t think there are people outside who don’t like to listen to music. Everyone has a different tune preference, classical music, jazz or whatever but I’m sure all of you love to listen to your favorite artists whenever they have the opportunity to do so.  I love to listen to Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna or even to listen to some random relaxing music on YouTube. 🎼It makes me feel more relaxed and studying doesn’t seem that boring anymore. Classical music has been shown to reduce anxiety and tension. (Whereby I have to say that it depends on what I’m studying. If I have to study something by hard, I prefer a quite area for studying.) Music can also be distracting for some people; if you for example feel like singing along instead of working! :p

That are my Top 3 suggestions for you on how to focus better on studies and work… but nevertheless, everyone has own preferences … so let me know which approaches you’re using! 😀 … So let’s start to work, work, work, work, work,…


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