Nature is not a place to visit. It is home – OR LITHUANIA!

In December 2015 I visited Lithuania. Out of experience I know that not everyone knows where Lithuania is… I admit ..I didn’t know it as well at the beginning…But I’m happy that I decided to go there and took the opportunity to broaden my horizon. 🙂 Lithuania is a small country which belongs to the Baltic States (next to Estonia and Latvia). Small, yes, maybe, but still beautiful in its own way. You can’t expect there to be many attractions as it’s a small country but nevertheless, after spending a whole week there I can still say that I saw a lot of interesting and inspiring things. What I like most is the NATURE. They have many attractions there where you can enjoy Mother Nature entirely. 😀 Unfortunately it was very cold and windy because of the season so I couldn’t spent that much time outside. 😕

The first few days we drove to a town which is called “Anykščiai”. We went to the TREETOP WALKING PATH. It was opened some months ago in August, 2015. The Path is 300 meters long and gradually rises up to 21 meters above the ground. The watchtower at the end of the Path is 34 meters high. The forest shall reflect silence and peace and the particularly close relationship between man and nature. A poet wrote once a poem about it; called “The Forest of Anykščiai” that I really would like to state here in my blog because it displays pretty well what I’ve seen there.

Once walking here you found your eyes would ache:
The forest would your soul so merry make,
Your heart so glad you wondered in surprise:
Where am I – in a wood or Paradise?
-Antanas Baranauskas

Anyksciai; Darius ir Girenas; Treetop Walking Path
Anyksciai; Treetop Walking Path; The Watchtower
Anyksciai; Treetop Walking Path; on the Watchtower
Anyksciai; Treetop Walking Path; View from the Watchtower

After that we tried some summer sledges out  – yes, right, summer sledges. I never heard about it before but they were so cool that I couldn’t believe it. It was so much fun. 😀 😀 😆 You choose on your own if you want to use the stop lever on the sledges or not 🙂 It was build 2 years ago and it is the first summer sledge attraction in Lithuania. When I visited it, there were actually more people there even if it was a bit too windy. 😀

One ride costs around 1,5 euros… in my opinion quite okey 😉 You definitely have to try it out… 🙄 I’m still excited when I’m thinking about it 🙄

Anyksciai; Summer Sledges

One of my most FAVOURITE places where the “KERNAVÉ HILLS” in Kernavé. Like I mentioned before I love the nature and as you can see on the pictures the hills look amazing. If it would have been a bit warmer there I would spend the whole day and night on the hills because it is such a relaxing and calming-down place. I can’t imagine how cool it has to be there in summer. *love* 😮 😀

The biggest hill was called Pilies kalno piliakalnis (Mount of Castle’s hill) because a castle in medieval ages had been there but was never rebuild.  Even some holidays are celebrated mainly on that hill: St. Johns day, Days of Vital Archaeology, feast day and so on. Apart from the hills there is a church and two chapels which are definitely worth seeing. 🙂

Kernavé; Kernavé Hills
Kernavé; Kernavé Hills

On the way to the capital we made a stop at Trakai where we visited the “Trakai Island Castle”. I haven’t seen the castle from the inside but from outside it looks amazing. 🙂 We walked along the castle and lake and I loved it.

After that we went to have a bite in a local restaurant nearby where we ate some traditional lithuanian food – so called Kibinas which are mostly associated with the city Trakai. That are traditional pastries filled with mutton or cheese and so on. I have to say it was really tasty and I would eat it again and again!! 😆

Trakai; Trakai Island Castle
Trakai; Kibinas

Finally we arrived at the capital, Vilnius, with a population of around 540.000. First of all we visited the most important attraction – the Vilnius TV Tower. It is the highest building in the country with a high of 326,5 m. The most fascinating thing is that at the upper level of the tower there is the Milky Way restaurant which is an observation deck. You have an amazing view on the capital. One more thing to mention.. the observation deck makes one full rotation in 55 minutes. It is pretty cool there. I enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to everyone. 😉

Vilnius; TV Tower
Vilnius; view from the TV Tower
Vilnius; Milky Way restaurant

Another attraction was the Gediminas Castle. You can climb the hill by foot along the ancient cobbled path or you take the funicular railway. I took the railway.. of course 😳 It offers a panorama of the city of indescribable beauty. It is not surprising that the red-brick building is a must in every tourist’s to-do-list. The castle is visible from every place. So climb up the hill and go to the castle! 😉

Vilnius; Gediminas Castle


Vilnius; Gediminas Castle
Vilnius; Gediminas Castle
Vilnius; Gediminas Castle (me taking a selfie – because why not? :p)

The Vilnius Cathedral is among the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. It is a classical masterpiece of the capital city of Lithuania. Now the Cathedral Square hosts concerts, special events and celebrations. When I was there, the Christmas market was located there with a huge Christmas tree and a lot of beautiful Christmas lights. By the way, Lithuania is – regarding Christmas lights and decorations – one of the most beautiful decorated county I have ever seen. I can’t even describe it; you just have to see it by yourself! Somewhere on the ground of the square you can find a tail …called ‘miracle’. You have to find it on your own and stand on it and spin around while you make your wish which will come true if you do it. 🙂 You can see how it looks like on one of my photos below. 

You can see people sitting around the monument – resting and talking. The square is especially loved by bikers, skateboarders and couples. 🙂

Vilnius; Vilnius Cathedral
Vilnius; Christmas Tree at the Cathedral Square
Vilnius at night


Of course, I had to go to the biggest shopping mall in Vilnius as well 😀 The mall is called Akropolis and offers you, literally, whatever you want to have. 😳 As it was Christmas the mall was lovely decorated! For lunch i had again traditional Lithuanian food – a cold soup (with red beet) and potatoes. I guess not everyone would like the taste because it is something you just have to get used to it. 😀 As one of my friends from Austria was studying there for exchange, we were really happy to had the possibility to see each other again. 🙂

Vilnius; Akropolis Shopping Mall

It was an amazing trip and I really wish to go there again once! 🙂 kisses :*


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