All roads lead to Rome.

A new chapter in life waiting to be written…so as many posts are! To highlight an amazing ending year ‘we’ ended up in Rome where we started a new chapter of live. So I am going to write about it in my first post! In the evening of December 30th we took a train to the airport in Copenhagen (Denmark) since there are no suitable airports in the surrounding of Växjö (Sweden). It took us about 3 hours to get there. Due to the fact that there were no trains so early in the morning to catch the flight at about 9 A.M. we had to spend the whole night at the airport which is, I can tell you, very exhausting. :/ Nevertheless we arrived safe in Rome where our journey started with a wonderful surprise … A LOVELY WEATHER of about 16° C and that for the entire visit of 7 days! Wonderful chance to escape to the outside world and to figure out what Rome has to offer. I want to share some beautiful places with you where I have been. Following, you will see some photos of sights and places I enjoyed most! One more thing worth to mention…Before departure we first took a look online on some things worth seeing. I have to say that we used a website, so called ‘Visit a City’ which helped us a lot with developing a ‘time schedule’. In Rome it didn’t really go according to plan because, probably like all students, we enjoyed to sleep a bit longer. 🙂 Additionally we didn’t really need that much time as planned to see the sights. What I wanted to point out is that ‘Visit a City’ is nevertheless really useful because it shows you the opening hours of everything and the most appropriate day to visit the things including transportation how to get there. Moreover it shows you the ticket prices of sights so that you won’t be surprised. The best thing is that you can download your complete time schedule afterwards for printing out or saving it on your smartphone or laptop. Without the intention to advertise here I recommend the website and the app a lot! 🙂 The last thing to say… I hope I could spark your interest! Have fun with my photo diary!

12467994_892505767523752_1448339783_n ps
Rome; The Colosseum; New Year’s Eve (31th of December 2015)

“A new year; a new start and way to go!” We spent New Year’s Eve in front of the Colosseum. Apart from the mess of heavy traffic and a bunch of people it was beautiful. Seeing the Colosseum glowing in the darkness is one the things everyone should have on their ‘to-do-list’ for live. One disappointed fact was that this year there were no long-awaited fireworks. Due to pollution concerns cities in Italy cancelled fireworks this year! The problem was that a lot of people didn’t know that and were therefore really disappointed. Nevertheless it was a great night!

DSC_0337 ps
Rome; Villa Borghese; (1st of January 2016)

Villa Borghese is actually not a villa but more a garden… the largest public park in Rome and a beautiful place for taking some pics! 🙂

DSC_0418 ps
Rome; Villa Borghese; (1st January 2016)

The most favourite place within the park was this fabulous fountain. With all its various colours and trifles it is an absolute inspiring place.

Within the park there are several buildings, fountains and statues! This was one of my favourite statues… Memorial Monument to King Umberto I. Soo guys don’t miss this gorgeous place when you are visiting Rome because time spent amongst trees is never wasted time!

12465531_1096874340336968_785251008_o ps
Vatican City; St. Peter’s Square; (2nd of January 2016)

Vatican City including St.Peter’s Square is a masterpiece in architecture and a lot to see. No matter if you want to go to the museums, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Sistine Chapel get ready for queuing up! A whole pile of people are queuing up for hours… you need patience, ambition and maybe a bar of chocolate to stay calm! Unfortunately we didn’t have it so we enjoyed the time outside the buildings at the square which is also pretty awesome!

12546182_1101886743169061_411473391_o ps
Vatican City; St. Peter’s Basilica; (2nd of January 2016)
12494328_1099717706719298_834575339_oneu ps
Vatican City; St. Peter’s Square; (2nd of January 2016)

The streets around St. Peter’s Square offer a wide range of souvenirs for fair prices. That’s why I was happy not having bought anything before… and that’s why I bought a bag full of small cute souvenirs for my family and friends including, not to forget, MAGNETS! Who doesn’t love them…?

12468236_1096864617004607_211280064_n ps
Vatican City; Pizza Zizza; (2nd of January 2016)

PIZZA!! yummy! Vatican City has the best and cheapest restaurants to eat including the BEST PIZZA in Rome! After checking ‘trip advisor‘ we had to go to Pizza Zizza as it was rated at the 2nd best Pizza place in Rome and I can say YES it is worth to try it. Until now it is the best pizza i ever ate and going to Vatican City without eating this amazing pizza is a day lost! Please go there if you have the chance .. you won’t regret! 🙂

DSC_0525 ps
Rome; The Colosseum; (3rd of January 2016)
DSC_0529 ps
Rome; The Colosseum; (3rd of January 2016)
DSC_0558 ps
Rome; The Colosseum; (3rd of January 2016)

The Colosseum is THE monument! If you are thinking about Rome you are thinking about the Colosseum. As much as it’s already beautiful from the outside it is more beautiful inside. When you are once inside you don’t know where to look first because it is just stunning!

DSC_0463 ps
Rome; Palatine Hill; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0464 ps
Rome; Palatine Hill; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0467 ps
Rome; Palatine Hill; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0468 ps
Rome; Palatine Hill; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0496 ps
Rome; Palatine Hill; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0587 ps
Rome; Trevi Fountain; (4th of January 2016)
DSC_0605 ps
Rome; Trevi Fountain; (4th of January 2016)

“Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.” The Trevi Fountain is probably one of the most romantic places in Rome and YES .. I threw a coin and made my wish as well! Let’s hope that it will come true! 🙂

DSC_0614 ps new
Rome; Baths of Caracalla; (5th of January 2016)
DSC_0639 ps
Rome; Circus Maximus; (5th of January 2016)
DSC_0637 ps
Rome; Circus Maximus; (5th of January 2016)

I have to say that i expected a bit more of the place.. only the remains and structure of ‘Circus Maximus’ within a public park are visible…but somewhere hidden within the park there is a small place with benches with a lovely view on Circus Maximus that might take your breath for some seconds…

DSC_0578 ps
Rome; Victor Emmanuel Monument; (5th of January)
DSC_0740 ps
Rome; Victor Emmanuel Monument; (5th of January 2016)

The Monument was quite incredible. You can walk around the monument and explore a lot of things including the museum which is inside the monument. I can’t really say anything about it because I didn’t go to the museum. Where I do have been is the top of the monument. The 7 € you have to pay for getting there is absolutly worth it. We spend about 40 min there just enjoying the view of the city. If you want to turn off your mind, relax and float downstream .. visit the place.. it works! :*

DSC_0798 ps
Rome; National Gallery of Ancient Art; (6th of January 2016)
DSC_0576 ps
Rome; Roman Forum; (6th of January 2016)
DSC_0571 ps
Rome; Roman Forum; (6th of January 2016)

The last night in Rome was soon here. We finished our journey by walking around the streets and capturing some more lovely moments at the Roman Forum that like you can see on the pics is amazing! The journey was awesome but remember ‘life is the greatest journey you will ever be on’. 😉


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